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Insurance Busters

Consumer Debt Help has found that South African consumers not only need help with their debt and paying off loans, but are also in need of professional financial advice in order to achieve their personal financial goals.

Through Consumer Debt Helps sister company InsuranceBusters, clients are offered the opportunity to have other financial commitments thoroughly analysed.

InsuranceBusters is takes a personal approach and offers affordable and dependable insurance cover, taking all the client’s needs into account. InsuranceBusters will specifically look at Credit Life insurance and Funeral Cover, in order to confirm that clients have the most cost effective covers in place.

However that’s not all, Consumer Debt Help has your best interest at heart and always goes the extra mile. In South Africa, an average of R1000 per deduction is overcharged on the 3 million monthly garnishee deductions. Each month, this amounts to R3 billion being stolen from consumers by corrupt lenders. Whilst providing Insurance services, Consumer Debt Helpers will scrutinise client’s salary slips to check on illegal salary deductions and garnishing orders. Often dishonest micro lenders and retailers enforce abusive business practices when South African consumers fail to make debt repayments, therefore prohibiting them from rehabilitation.

These practices include:

  • High penalty fees
  • Excessive collection costs
  • Increased debt repayment plans
  • False judgements being passed at court without the consumer being informed of the situation.

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