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Debt Counselling

With the implementation of the National Credit Act in 2007 the viable debt solution, debt counselling, was enforced in order to ensure that debt counsellors working for South African debt counselling companies follow the required ethical standards, when providing consumers with debt solutions.

When you are over-indebted and decide to go under debt counselling, a trustworthy Consumer Debt Helper will work out how much money you can afford to spend on paying off your personal loans and servicing your debt, after taking into account all of your essential living expenses.

Over all, debt counselling will help you get rid of bad credit, manage your money in a responsible way and ensure that you are protected from any legal action that may be taken against you.

Why Debt Counselling?

  • Consumer Debt Help will review your financial situation by analysing your debt, loans, expenses, salary deductions and income to create a financial plan conducive to helping you pay off your loans, become debt free and reach your financial goals.
  • Only 5% of South African households measure their expenses and are looking for consolidation loans for bad credit. Consumer Debt Help will measure your monthly household expenses and deduct a substantial amount from your income, leaving an affordable amount to service your debt.
  • Consumer Debt Help will cut costs by assessing your current insurance cover, as 12% of over indebted South African consumers have 8 or more insurance of savings products.
  • A Consumer Debt Helper will negotiate your debt repayments with your credit providers.
  • Consumer Debt Helpers will propose a debt counselling payment plan to the magistrate’s court, in order to receive a court order for the consumer’s debt restructuring.
  • Debt repayments are restructured into one monthly repayment, paid to a NCR regulated payment distribution agency, which will pay your creditors respectively.
  • Debt repayment terms will be extended by proposing a payment plan with smaller instalments over an extended time frame.
  • Negative information currently present on your credit record will be removed once debt repayments have been made and the debt counselling process is completed.

Debt counselling ensures that financial management is made easier and banking fees are reduced, therefore saving you money. Fill out the Consumer Debt Help free call back form and take the steps to becoming debt free by paying off your loans and bad credit.